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Professional Ant Pest Control Tulsa OK

The Formicidae family’s most notorious member is the ant species. There are between 12,000 and 14,000 Formicidae members, all of which exhibit social behaviors. Ants, for example, are a social species that colonizes to survive longer in their natural habitat. Ants are fairly agile, thanks to their tri-segmented body and elbow-shaped legs, allowing them to make significant speed over short distances. The Saharan silver ant is just one example. Evidence shows the species can travel 33.66 inches per second or 47 steps per second. This is pretty extraordinary when you consider the famous cheetah can travel 16 times its body length per second. But, as we know, the ant, excluding the winged swarmer, generally does not stray too far away from its colony,

Why Am I Facing An Ant Problem In Tulsa?

Ants do not discriminate between homes. In fact, they target all homes when their food supplies dimple down to nothing. The worker, queen, winged swarmer, wingless swarmer, and soldier make up the ant colony. Each member plays a significant role in the colony’s daily operations. Take for instant the wingless swarmer. The wingless swarmer (both male and female) spends the majority of its time reproducing and caring for the young. The queen, on the other hand, does nothing but reproduce or grow the colony population.

Small crevices in door frames and crawlspace vents are utilized to infiltrate homes. Any exterior-to-interior openings can give ants access to the interior of a building, thanks to their small size and flexible body.

Do Ants Transmit Diseases To Humans?

They can through contaminants found on their bodies and in their fecal matter. Ants drop their contaminated fecal matter on surfaces utilized for food preparation and in the home’s main food supply. If you are certain, your home is infested with ants, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your non-refrigerated food supply. Experts recommend glass or BPA-free plastic storage containers with resealable lids.

How Do Exterminators Exterminate Ant Colonies?

Ant extermination is a complex process because it is virtually dealing with a colony that is divided. One group of ants, typically workers and swarmers, infiltrate homes while the other members remain nearby to assist the queen, care for the young, and see to the day-to-day operations.

To ensure maximum extermination is at least two treatments, our exterminators opt to utilize industrial-strength insecticides or pesticides and adhesive traps. But, first, we always start with a wall-to-wall visual inspection of the impacted home.

How Long Does It Take Your Tulsa Location To Process An Ant Inspection Service Request?

To process all pest control service requests, our customer support team needs at least 24 hours, 48 during the peak season. Ants are more active in the late spring and fall. In the fall, the insect is preparing to enter the overwintering state (hibernation). In the spring, the insect is waking up from the overwintering state.

Does Ant Extermination Products Pose Environmental Risks?

Yes, but only when they are mishandled, and improperly stored and transported. Our exterminators undergo extensive new-hire and annual safety training to minimize these risks. We also partner with Oklahoma’s top manufacturers that have gone through the proper channels to seek EPA approval for their pest control products.

The US Environmental Protection Agency developed strict pesticide guidelines, in an effort to fight against potential environmental risks.

Where Should I Start Ant-Proofing My Tulsa Home To Prevent Future Infiltration?

Ant infiltration is no joke. In fact, a small ant colony can lead to a full-blown infestation in less than six months. Once ants infiltrate your home, more ants will follow suit. Keeping this in mind, it is crucial to do whatever is possible to keep them from infiltrating your home. One way to do this is by updating your home’s pest barrier. A pest barrier is the structural component of a home, responsible for keeping human, insect, and element intruders outdoors. Doors, windows, siding, walls, floors, and ceilings, are just a few examples.

Routinely inspect the exterior of your home, focusing on areas that are suspect for ant infiltration. If any vulnerabilities are detected, you should repair them immediately. Utilize a waterproof sealant to fill ant entry points. Large openings around utility lines must be sealed with metal or wood sheeting.

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