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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

When bedbugs invade someone’s home, they’re going to rush to find places to hide. Bedbugs are known for being sneaky pests. They can hide and stay hidden for many months. Homeowners often don’t recognize the problem until it spirals out of control. Once the bugs are easy to find, you’ll need to contact an exterminator to get rid of them. Find out where bedbugs hide so you can identify the problem and take care of it sooner.

Places Where Bedbugs Hide


Bedbugs like living on box springs and mattresses. Once they’ve invaded a home, approximately 90% of them will stay on the mattress. They stay here because they can easily detect CO2 and heat. When they detect them, they’ll crawl on the mattress and consume your blood. Using a bedbug mattress protector is a good way to eradicate the bedbugs on your mattress.

Your Bed Frame

Bedbugs tend to spread to areas close to the mattress. For instance, they’re going to move to the bed frame. Since they’re reddish-brown, they can easily blend in with the frame. The bed frame has several cracks, gaps, and corners that make great hiding places for the bugs.

Covers & Sheets

Everyone uses covers and sheets at night. Although they keep you warm, they’re also great hiding places for bedbugs. They tend to hide between the folds and gaps. It is easier to spot bedbugs on covers and sheets.

Carpets & Rugs

Many bedrooms have carpets and rugs. They’re great because they keep your feet warm at night. The only downside is that bedbugs can hide between the fibers of the carpets and rugs. They can spread to the rugs or they can drop from your shoes and hide on the carpets.

Couches & Other Furniture

Finally, bedbugs may hide on couches, chairs, and other furniture. If you set your shoes or bags on a chair, bedbugs may spread to the chair. They’ll hide behind pillows as well as between the cushions. Besides the obvious spots, homeowners will also need to check under the furniture. Bedbugs could be hiding anyone on these items.

Odd Bedbugs Hiding Spots

Above, you learned about some of the most common bedbug hiding places. Just remember that there are more hiding places. Some of them are odd. They’ll be explored in greater depth below.


Bedbugs often hide in suitcases and bags. If you carry luggage when traveling, bedbugs could climb into it too. Staying at an infested motel means bedbugs could enter the bag. Although some will leave the bag, others will stay there. Those searching for bedbugs should check their luggage because bedbugs could be hiding there.

Decorations On Walls

Many homes have wall decorations. Although they’re great for adding life to your home, it is pertinent to check them for bedbugs. Bedbugs can climb up walls so they’ll be able to reach the decorations easily. Pull them down and check them carefully.


Sitting books next to your bed could lead to problems. You may have bedbugs in those books. They have small gaps around the bindings and protective covers. Bedbugs may be hiding in these small gaps.


You can store a few items in your nightstand, but it could also be home to bedbugs. If you have a nightstand beside your bed, it could contain bedbugs. Remove the drawers and check them carefully. You’ll also want to check under the nightstand.

Electronics & Computers

Be sure to check the electronics and devices in your bedroom. They can’t hide in all electronics, but they will hide in some of them. They prefer small, simple electronics such as alarm clocks. If you have one sitting on your nightstand next to your bed, they’ll likely contain bedbugs. Finally, don’t forget the items stored under your bed. If you want to store clothes or books under your bed, you’ll want to store them in tough containers. Make sure that the bedbugs cannot enter the boxes. Otherwise, these pests are going to enter the boxes and infest the items stored inside. Once you’ve searched these items carefully, you’ll know whether you have a bedbug infestation. If you do, it is time to call a professional exterminator so they can take care of the issue swiftly.

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