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Tulsa OK Professional Beetle Control

Beetles are small insects with poor vision, two antennas, and a front and rear set of wings. Scientists have identified thousands of beetle species, all of which of varying colors and sizes. The most commonly reported beetle sightings in Tulsa involve the longhorn, ground, and powder post species.

Why Is My Property Infiltrated With Beetles?

Beetles colonize to protect their species. A beetle colony can have hundreds or thousands of members. In the natural habitat, beetles are drawn to decaying wood and wood structures – downed trees, branches, and firewood piles.

Small holes and gaps are utilized as beetle access points into buildings. Some beetle species feed on non-perishable food stored in pantries and kitchen cabinets.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

Beetles themselves are not dangerous to humans or animals. The insect does bite but fortunately, is not venomous. A beetle bite can result in a mild allergic reaction – redness, itchiness, and edema. When beetles infiltrate a home’s non-perishable food supply, there is a risk of foodborne illness. The insect drops its contaminated fecal material into infiltrated food. If one or all occupants of the home ingest the contaminated food, the onset of foodborne symptoms will appear within 6 to 72 hours after ingestion.

What Can I Do To Exterminate A Beetle Infestation?

Infestations involve a few handfuls or hundreds of pests. When so many pests are involved in the infestation process, a powerful pesticide is a necessity. Our industrial-strength beetle pesticide is the eradication solution. We combine industrial-strength pesticides with routine visual inspections and adhesive pest traps to ensure maximum results.

Is DIY Pest Control Effective Against Beetle Infestation?

DIY or over-the-counter pesticides are low-strength formulas that are only effective in eradicating a few beetles with each treatment. It is unfortunate, but consumers do not have access to pesticides, other than low potency formulas.

It is also important to note, creating homemade pesticide remedies poses risks when chemicals are involved. We do not recommend delving in chemicals, even if your beetle problem is an infestation. Our pest control services are available to consumers who find themselves in these positions.

How Do I Request A Beetle Inspection In Tulsa?

By contacting customer support at our Tulsa office via landline or email. We accept pest control service requests five days a week and sometimes on the weekend. Do not hesitate to submit your inspection service request immediately upon detection of beetles in your home. We need between 24 and 48 hours to process your request.

Will My Children And Pets Be Exposed To Chemical Pesticides During Treatment?

No, our goal has always been to protect our clients and their family and pets from unnecessary exposure to pesticides. If you are overly concerned with chemical exposure, we highly recommend eco-friendly pest control.

Our professional pest control products are EPA-approved. All manufacturers operating in or importing pesticides in the United States are required to obtain approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) om advance.

Is Professional Beetle Control Affordable?

We believe it is because it utilizes fewer treatments and manpower. Our goal is to save Tulsa consumers hundreds, without compromising quality. If you are concerned about price, do not hesitate to take advantage of our free beetle inspection and consultation, both of which are available via appointment only.

What Can I Protect My Tulsa Home From A Future Beetle Infiltration?

Sealing all access points would be a great place to start. We highly suggest utilizing a waterproof sealant – caulk or silicon – to seal openings around door frames, cracks in crawlspaces, entrance door thresholds, and air conditioning ductwork.

Our professional beetle management is available to all Tulsa residents. We suggest initiating the process with our free visual inspection of your Tulsa home.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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