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Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs are problematic for many reasons because they consume human blood. The Cimex Lectularius is one of the most annoying pests because it’ll keep you up at night. They’ll prevent you from sleeping well at night. They tend to hide on your mattress so they will remain close to you. When you go to sleep, the bedbugs will be close enough to suck your blood within minutes. Since they’re less than a quarter of an inch, they can hide almost anywhere.

Why Bedbugs Are In Your Home

It is pertinent to understand that bedbugs are invading your home because they’re searching for food. They consume human blood. Therefore, they want to stay as close to you as possible. Once they’ve found a way to enter your home, they’re going to hide on your mattress and stay there until you go to sleep. Just remember that these pests can invade your home using several methods. For instance, they will travel on used furniture. If you’re going to purchase used furniture and clothes, you need to be cautious. Buying used items could lead to a bedbug infestation.

They can hide on furniture and clothes. Check these items carefully begin bringing them inside. Another thing to remember is that motels are often infested with bedbugs. As a result, staying at a motel could lead to an infestation. You’ll want to check the room carefully to ensure that your motel room doesn’t contain bedbugs. If it does, don’t put your bags down and don’t spend the night. Ask for another room.

Finally, bedbugs sometimes move from one apartment to another. Living next to someone with bedbugs could create problems for you as well.

Bedbug Dangers?

You’re likely worried about the dangers of bedbugs. They bite so you can’t ignore the risks. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that bedbugs aren’t physically dangerous. They do not transmit serious illnesses. You don’t need to worry about that. Still, bedbugs create immense problems since they’ll prevent you from sleep at night. A lack of sleep will hurt your mental and physical health. Plus, a bedbug bite could lead to a red, itchy welt.

Eliminating Bedbugs In Your Dwelling

When these pests have invaded your home, work quickly to find a solution. Although you can experiment with home remedies, we believe it is best to hire a professional exterminator. Doing so will make a big difference because professional services are safe, reliable, and convenient. Although you’ll pay more for professional services, it’ll pay dividends in the long run. After all, you won’t need to worry about risks or inefficient solutions.

We offer several bedbug treatments, including those mentioned below.


We recommend many clients take advantage of our manual bedbug services. These methods are excellent for wiping our infestations in small areas. For instance, it would be good for eliminating bedbugs in your bedroom or a motel room. Be ready to prepare extensively because the room needs to be ready for our arrival. We’ll give you a list of things that need to be completed before we come. Finally, our manual services do not require chemicals.

We can use chemicals, but they’re not necessary.


We’re confident in our heat services because they’re proven and reliable. Exterminators have been using heat treatments to eliminate bedbugs for many, many years. It is a good choice for treating residential dwellings because it can kill all bedbugs in your home in one visit. However, the exterminator should visit once more to make sure the bugs are gone. Clients do not need to prepare extensively before the exterminator arrives.

Finally, chemicals are not needed. Diatomaceous Earth may be used around the home to kill more bedbugs, but chemicals are not used.


Finally, we also offer fumigation services. In general, we recommend fumigation for our commercial clients. It is best for dealing with large bedbug infestations in big buildings. For instance, it would be a good idea to use fumigation when removing bedbugs from a motel. Although the preparation requirements are slim, everyone needs to leave the building and stay away for 24 to 48 hours.

Fumigation services use Vikane to eliminate bedbugs.

DIY Methods

Many are interested in tackling the problem without hiring a qualified professional. These individuals suspect they can save money by doing it themselves. Although some DIY methods can help, most of them won’t kill all bedbugs. Plus, the individual treating the home needs to know where the bedbugs are hiding in the dwelling. Otherwise, bedbugs will be left in the home. Contact us so we can provide you with high-quality services.

Safer Solutions

We’ve trained our exterminators to ensure they can provide safer results. We do not use dangerous chemicals because we sincerely care about our clients. Working with us allows you to fix the problem while protecting everyone in your home. Plus, you will appreciate that our EPA-registered products do not harm plants or pets.


Ultimately, we try to offer standing pricing when possible. When this is possible, we’ll charge a price based on the size of your home.

Preventing Bedbugs

Our clients need to take steps to prevent bedbugs from invading in the future. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to keep these pests out. Be cautious when purchasing used items because bedbugs could be hiding on them. Don’t stay at infested motels.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Call us and we’ll call you back within 48 hours.

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