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Spiders are arthropods that pose immense risks. Homeowners cannot ignore the spiders reproducing in their homes because they’re dangerous. Spiders can bite humans and inject venom into their victims. Many spider bites are harmless, but there is always a risk that your bite will be deadly. You never know. Remember that these pests build webs around your home and property. When they do this, their webs can be used to trap insects and other spiders. Then, the spider will move in for the kill.

Most spiders live alone, but a few species live with 50,000 other spiders. The majority of spiders live two years in the wild. Most of them can live much longer in protected environments. Adult females are larger than males. In some cases, the size difference is startling.


Most homeowners are worried about spiders because they bite. Surprisingly, 99% of all spider bites are harmless. Still, there is always a slim chance that you’re going to experience a deadly reaction. You never know when the spider is going to inject venom. Once a spider bites someone, it is pertinent to pay close attention to the bite. Doing so ensures you can monitor the problem and get assistance when necessary. Even when the bite is harmless, it will still be painful.

Why Spiders?

Spiders tend to enter a home because they’re searching for food. Residential dwellings have many dark, moist areas that are good for insects. For instance, moths and gnats tend to stay in these areas. Spiders want to build webs here so they can trap these insects and eat them. Remember that spiders can enter your home through small gaps and cracks.

Hiring An Exterminator

Once you’ve found spiders in your home, search for solutions immediately. Initially, many will consider tinkering with DIY remedies. Some DIY methods can provide satisfactory results, but they come with some risks as well. For instance, you cannot ignore the risk that you’re going to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. Finally, you need to make sure that you’re depending on proven services.

Work with us because we can provide safe and reliable solutions.

Safe Treatments

Our exterminators always work diligently to provide our clients with safe treatments. We never use dangerous products. We wouldn’t use these dangerous chemicals in your home so we’re not going to use them in your home. Our exterminators use products approved by and registered with the EPA. Thankfully, this gives us confidence that they’re going to fix the problem without creating health hazards.

When Can You Get Here?

Contact our office right now. We’ll contact you back within 24 hours or so.

How Can I Protect My Tulsa Home From A Brown Recluse Spider Infiltration?

Sealing all exterior-to-interior openings, such as those found in damaged window frames, crawlspaces, air conditioning ductwork, and entrance door thresholds. We highly recommend routine visual inspections of your home to ensure there are no brown recluse spiders present.

Keep your home neat, tidy, and clutter-free, giving brown recluse spiders nowhere to hide. Contact our Tulsa extermination company to request your free brown recluse spider inspection, consultation, and quote today.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Found In Tulsa OK?

Yes, brown recluse spiders are found throughout the State of Oklahoma, including Tulsa. We work with some of the top entomologists in the nation. These professionals know brown recluse spiders like the back of their hands. It is crucial to report brown recluse spider sightings to our Tulsa extermination team. We can help you determine if there are more than one of these spiders in your home. Fortunately, the brown recluse spider is a solitary insect, meaning it does not colonize.

What you should know about the brown recluse spider:

  • Brown recluse spider sightings are rare in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Brown recluse spiders travel in shipping containers
  • Brown recluse spiders can adapt to new environments similar to their natural habitats
  • Rarely do gardeners and farmers report brown recluse spider bites
  • Brown recluse spiders rarely bite after home infiltration
  • Brown recluse spiders are timid, which is why they rare bite
  • Industrial-strength insecticides are effective in eradicating brown recluse spiders after a few minutes of exposure
  • Brown recluse spiders share many of the same physical characteristics as the grass spider and the funnel weaver spider
  • It is natural to be afraid of brown recluse spiders

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