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Heat Treatment

Bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. When they’re exposed to these temperatures, they’re going to experience terrible problems. If they can’t escape, they’ll die. There is no way for them to avoid it. Ultimately, heat is one of the most reliable methods for destroying bedbug infestations in homes, apartments, and townhouses. The full thermal heat treatment is quick, reliable, and eco-friendly.

Bedbugs Cannot Tolerate Heat

Bedbugs are tough to eliminate using conventional methods. Surprisingly, they cannot tolerate extreme heat. When they’re exposed to hot temperatures, they’re going to die. Believe it or not, the process is that simple. Heat offers numerous benefits since it is cost-effective, convenient, and safe. You’ll also appreciate that our thermal heat treatments can treat the entire home simultaneously.

In many cases, we’ll only need to treat the home once since the heat will seep through all cracks and gaps. Our experts agree that heat is one of the best ways to deal with bedbug infestations. Although it only requires one treatment, we’ll visit the home again to make sure the bugs are gone. If bedbugs are found, we’ll treat the home with heat again.

Our exterminator will use a heat machine to increase the temperature in your home to 140-degrees for two hours or longer. Once they’ve finished, the bedbugs exposed to these extreme temperatures will die.


We’re confident that our heat treatments are more effective than the alternatives. We can use this technique to kill all bedbugs hiding in a residential dwelling. It only requires one visit and heat is more reliable than other bedbug treatments. If the bedbugs cannot escape the home, they will be exposed to extreme temperatures and they’ll die.

Properly Maintaining The Temperatures

To ensure the effectiveness of our heat treatments, our exterminator needs to properly monitor the temperatures. We cannot let the temperature fluctuate since this would allow the bedbugs to survive. Our exterminators are thoroughly trained so they’re going to keep a close eye on the temperatures in your home. They’ll keep the temperatures around 140-degrees for 2 to 4 hours. By keeping the temperatures at this level, the bedbugs will die.

Staying Out For Your Safety

Our heat treatments are generally safe, but we don’t want to take any risks. Ultimately, we’ll take steps to make sure that you’re going to be protected during the process. To do that, our exterminator will kindly ask you to stay away from the dwelling until the process has concluded. Your home will be extremely hot, but the heat won’t damage your home or your belongings.

It will eliminate the bedbugs hiding in your home. Again, we think it is best for our clients to stay away until we’ve finished. Once the process is done, we’ll call you and tell you that you can return to your home. Would you like to learn more about our bedbug heat treatments? A company representative is standing by and willing to answer any questions you have. We serve Tulsa and all nearby areas. Don’t hesitate to call our office today.

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