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Tulsa OK Professional Earwig Pest Controlling

Earwigs are small insects of the Dermaptera order, a classification of insect species with long, slender bodies and “cerci,” appendages that protrude from the abdomen. Earwigs rely on their cerci for just about every aspect of survival. The cerci are utilized during copulation, fighting off predators, and foraging for food. The curvature of the cerci is why they are the insect’s most powerful weapon.

Earwigs are male and female and winged and wingless. Winged earwigs have a set of front and a set of rear wings. Even with two sets of wings, the earwig rarely puts them to use. The body ranges between dark brown and reddish/brown.

The largest species of the earwig is the Saint Helena giant, which grows up to 3 inches long. The insect is drawn to warm temperatures, especially in the overwintering state. Earwigs overwinter (hibernate) throughout the winter season, coming out just in time for the breeding season.

Why Are Earwigs Infiltrating My Tulsa Home?

Earwigs infiltrate homes, in hopes of escaping the harsh elements of winter. Snow, icy rains, cold winds, and low temperatures take their toll on the earwig’s body when overwintering. In the natural habitat, the earwig takes refuge in shrubs, underneath piles of wood, and in trees. Indoors, the earwig seeks shelter underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, in basements and crawlspaces, and near bathtubs and showers.

Earwigs are not only difficult to detect because of their discrete hiding places but also because of their nocturnal behaviors. The insects are active at night while the household members are in their beds asleep.

During the overwintering state, earwigs do not feed. They survive on minimal nutrients from stored fats.

What Pest Control Method Do Exterminators Recommend for Earwig Infiltration?

Tulsa exterminators never recommend any extermination solution for earwig infiltration other than professional pest control. We utilize high-quality pesticides and glue traps to eradicate earwigs living in human habitats.

There are a few things you can do to help our exterminators speed up the process. The first thing is to repair and update the vulnerable structural components of your home. Utilize waterproof silicone, metal sheeting, plywood, stainless steel pot scrubbers, and metal screen to seal all openings utilized by earwigs to infiltrate your home.

We also suggest making the exterior of your home less attractive to the earwig. You can do this by transitioning from neon vapor outdoor porch lighting to sodium vapor lighting.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available For An Earwig Inspection?

We cannot dispatch an exterminator out to your home for the first 24 to 48 hours of the initial service request. This is why we believe it is in the customer’s best interest to seek assistance from our exterminators upon the detection of earwigs in their homes.

Is Earwig Pest Control Environmentally-Unfriendly?

Yes, but only when mishandled and improperly administered. Our exterminators are fully trained to handle, administer, store, and transport pest control chemicals. It is unfortunate, but many Tulsa residents have no pesticide experience, which is where our professional pest control comes into play.

To minimize the risks associated with chemical-based pesticides, we do not initiate treatment in occupied properties. We recommend the same protocol for our clients and their families.

What Can I Do To Protect My Family From Dealing With A Repeat Earwig Infestation?

As mentioned previously, seal all openings around sewage and water utility lines and electrical wiring with custom metal sheeting or plywood. Small openings can be closed with silicone or caulk. These openings are utilized by earwigs to infiltrate homes and businesses.

Earwigs are drawn to dark, damp, warm, and discrete areas in homes. Lower humidity by installing vents in problem areas, repair or replace leaky pipes, and install dehumidifiers in crawlspaces will definitely help.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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