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Carpenter Bees

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Tulsa OK Carpenter Bee Pest Control

There is nothing more dangerous than dealing with stinging insects and their nests. Stinging insectshornets, carpenter bees, wasps, bumblebees, honeybees, –  range from mild to severely aggressive. The carpenter bee is moderately aggressive, which intensifies when put under stress. One thing that can truthfully be said about carpenter bees is they apply a high level of creativity when nest-building. Instead of building a large paper-like nest that is visible from all angles, the carpenter bee bores circular holes in decaying wood for its nests. The bored hole will lead directly to the nest for easy access and exit.

Why Are Carpenter Bees Building Nests In My Trees?

Carpenter bees are drawn to rotting wood structures, such as standing and downed trees, deck railing, eaves, mailbox posts, and firewood piles. The insects bore 0.5-inch holes deep into the rotting wood to secure their young from predators, such as the woodpecker.

Once the nest is erected, it will become the go-to place for carpenter bees from here on out. Unfortunately, the male carpenter bee dies soon after mating. The female will until her eggs are deposited and hatched.

Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

Yes, there is no doubt about it, carpenter bees, both male and female, are extremely dangerous. While the female is the only carpenter bee with stinging capabilities, the male is still very dangerous. The only factor that prevents the female from utilizing her stinging capability more often is a timid demeanor. She is timid and hesitant to bite but will do whatever is necessary to protect your young.

Carpenter bee boring does significant damage to decaying wood structures. When you consider this level of damage, combined with that of the carpenter bee’s most notorious predator – woodpecker – the damage only worsens.

What Is The Safest And Quickest Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees?

Professional pest control is by far the best pest control strategy available to Tulsa consumers. These high-quality pest control treatments combine regular carpenter bee inspections with an industrial-strength insecticide to ensure the maximum results.

Our professional pest control solutions are available to all consumers in the City of Tulsa. We work extended schedules to ensure the speediest response for inspections, consultations, and treatments.

Is DIY Carpenter Bee Pest Control Safe?

No, carpenter bees are dangerous insects that will attack predators – humans and animals – without much thought. Even if there is no intention to endanger the insects and their young, humans and animals nearing the area where the nest is located is viewed as a predator.

While the carpenter bee male cannot sting and the female rarely stings, predators will be physically attacked. Carpenter bees dart toward their victims, swooping down, head-butting them until they turn back in the opposite direction. The same goes for property owners and exterminators.

Does Professional Carpenter Bee Pesticides Contain Harmful Chemicals?

There are several pesticide formulas – organic, natural, chemical, and standard- to industrial-strength. You can choose from all of these options, depending on the severity of your carpenter bee infiltration. Organic pesticides are ideal for consumers who are concerned about the environment. Industrial strength is the best option for the aggressive carpenter bee because it can kill on contact in most cases.

What Can I Do To Prevent Carpenter Bees From Returning To My Property The Next Breeding System?

You will need to remove the impacted wood structure with the nest from your property. Hiring a tree service will be your best option. These professionals will not only remove the impacted wood structure, but also all decaying downed trees, branches, and yard debris. It is also recommended to repair or replaced decaying porches, decks, garages, and sheds at your earliest convenience.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Tulsa Property On Appointment Day?

Within at least 15 minutes of the deadline. Our exterminators act with the utmost professionalism during the initial and continuing visits. We would not expect anything less and you should not either. We highly recommend having your property prepped for the initial carpenter bee inspection. All clutter should be removed from the area to make way for the exterminator. This will not only offer the exterminator easier access to the impacted area but also minimize the risk of a future carpenter bee infestation.

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