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Lady Bugs

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Most people think that ladybugs are cute. Although this is true, it is important to understand that some species are pests. Most ladybugs range in size from 1/32 to half an inch. They’re either yellow, orange, or scarlet and all of them have black dots on their wings. Their other body parts are black. The world is home to 5,000 species but only 450 are native to North America. Although many are not species, a few are pests in North America and Europe. Another thing to note is that ladybugs are helpful pests because they feed on scale insects, mites, mealybugs, and aphids.

Over the years, the Mall of America has used these helpful pests to protect its gardens from harmful pests.

Reasons For Ladybugs

Ladybugs are usually benign. However, several species fit into the pest category. The primary pest species came to the United States in the 20th century. It was originally used to protect crops from aphids. Although this strategy workers, the ladybugs were able to survive throughout the winter so their population exploded. They often survive during the winter by hiding on exterior walls that face south. Others will attempt to invade your home. Since they’re overwintering pests, they often enter dwellings and other buildings in late fall.


Ultimately, ladybugs are annoying but they’re not dangerous. These overwintering pests aren’t dangerous to animals or humans. However, one unique species can bite. Still, it doesn’t happen often. Even if they nip your skin, you don’t have to worry about them making you sick. They do not transmit sicknesses. In general, the primary concern is that these pests are going to leave a mess in your home. To avoid cleaning it up, try keeping them out.

Eradicating Ladybug Infestations

If you’re patient, you’ll want to wait. Once the warm weather returns, you can rest assured knowing that the ladybugs will attempt to leave your home. The only downside is that they’re going to stay in your home during winter. Ladybugs do not build nests. Instead, they tend to aggregate on walls facing south. They can also find shelter on trees and other objects. Others will attempt to enter homes. Since there is no nest to eliminate, getting rid of a ladybug infestation is difficult. We think the best way to fix the problem is by hiring us. Our ladybug program is cost-effective, reliable, and ready to go.

Doing It Yourself

Ultimately, there are ladybug DIY treatments. Although some of these can be helpful, they might not wipe out the infestation. To be effective, the user needs to know where the bugs are hiding. Otherwise, you may miss ladybugs. If you do, they’re not going to leave your home until spring arrives. Plus, you should understand that pesticides and other DIY products could be dangerous.

When Can It Begin?

Contact our Tulsa office to talk to one of our representatives. Someone from our company will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Safe Treatments For Ladybugs

Our company strives to use the latest and greatest ladybug treatments. We wouldn’t use dangerous chemicals around our loved ones and pets. We’re not going to use dangerous chemicals in our clients’ homes either. Our exterminators are trained to follow precise protocols to guarantee your safety. Plus, they use products registered with the EPA. Working with us is the best way to tackle the problem and take your home back.

Preventing Ladybug Infestations

It is often best to stop ladybugs from entering your home in the first place. Before winter arrives, check your home for gaps and cracks. Seal all of the entry points on your entry walls to prevent them from entering.

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