Must See Attractions In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thinking about planning a trip to the great city of Tulsa? Well, with it being the second largest city in Oklahoma and the laundry list of exciting attractions, it really is no wonder why anyone would choose Tulsa as an ideal travel destination. In fact, Tulsa was once known as the Oil Capital of the World due to the fact that it sat atop one of the world’s largest oil reservoirs. While the presence of oil is still deep in the city’s roots, it doesn’t have quite as much impact on the city as it used to. Whatever the situation is, there are tons of exciting things to see and do, but what if you find yourself limited on time? What are the best attractions that you must see during your stay? Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa

The Jazz Hall Of Fame

Whether you are a Jazz lover or not, you really have to appreciate what the genre did for music and that is why the Jazz Hall of Fame is a must see. Located at Union Station this attraction is highly known for producing some of the best and most exciting exhibits of true Jazz legends and the impact they made. You can view the well-documented life and works of Charlie Christian or Wallace Willis. If you are lucky enough to be by here on a Sunday, you might even catch a free like jam sessions with some of today’s aspiring up and comers.

The 1921 Race Riots

You don’t have to be an activist or a history buff to have heard of the 1921 race riots. In fact, just about everyone has heard of this stirring tale, which left 35 blocks of the city in total destruction and thousands of local citizens homeless in the process. If you want to delve deeper into the story and learn more you can visit the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park where the stories of the riots and devastation are retold.

Tour The Philbrook Museum Of Art

You remember that Tulsa use to be highly known for being one of the world’s largest oil producers? Well, the villa of a former oil magnate has been transformed into what is now known as the Philbrook Museum of Art. Not only is this one stylish building and landscape, but also it is home to tons of amazing works of art that are must see. In addition to this, that Philbrook Museum is located in the Brady Arts District, which are home to several other art museums. While they might not be as exciting as the Philbrook they are worth checking out. You can literally get your whole fill of art history right in one exciting, action packed day.

Get Your Worship On

You don’t have to be a religious fanatic or even spiritual to understand the impact that religion has had on the world. And, that is why the Prayer tower and praying hands are worth checking out. Located on the campus of Roberts University you can see both the world’s largest set of praying hands and the iconic Prayer Tower. The hands weigh in at over 30-tons and the tower is 200 feet high and one of the most iconic buildings throughout the world.